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Stay Connected with Customers During COVID 19

We all are hoping and praying that the adverse consequences of this pitiless pandemic- COVID-19’s will last for only a few months, but we all know what the authorities and experts are predicting, the virus can last for as long as a year or more. Businesses have lost sufficiently after only a quarter of the year, they are trying their best to survive in this difficult time but they are close to closing their doors and calling it a quit. If we start encouraging misery and despair to fester, the financial devastation will cause irreparable damage, and many of our local businesses would not be able to prosper or in severe circumstances – exist.


It is not surprising if you are facing a decline in patronage. Nearly a quarter of small business owners complained that the coronavirus epidemic has a detrimental effect on them in the context of sluggish revenue (42 percent), supply chain delays (39 percent) and sick working staff (4 percent), according to the NFIB Research Center. Nonetheless, there are also opportunities to remain linked to your costumers through this pandemic of our new environment, and keep your company running despite this difficult time.

Inform Your Customers

As those who are already owning a business, even on a small scale know already that Small and medium-sized businesses need to better recognise the value of publicity and advertising campaigns. Business marketing is an important method that requires to be monitored very carefully to produce the best outcomes. You should make good use of the resources you have, and come up with tactics to grow the company and help it flourish. Your costumers are your assets and so you need to keep them informed about your whereabouts. Are you still operating or not? Your costumers should know and only then they will be able to place their orders or book your services.



Supporting Your Local is a fully FREE business directory listing web platform that links users with services nearby. Promoting and supporting them by providing massive incentives for anyone who wants to get their local business monetised. During the COVID-19 crisis, it is good to let people know you are still operating and providing services. You can create bookings and coupons for your business for FREE. Moreover, it is very easy for you to list your local business with us. Your costumers are more likely to check their social media while being in quarantine and so they can easily find you out on


We will allow you to begin drawing up a contact strategy, allowing space to change while the COVID-19 scenario matures. While forecasting where we will be in the coming days or months is not realistic, there are still opportunities to be ready for change and keeping your costumers well updated, and well informed. This way we will be able to help our local businesses prosper.